Local Company Brings Taste of Indy’s Food Trucks to National Football League

When attendees of the hottest private party in town this weekend, the invitation-only “National Football League Players Association (NFLPA)  Players Party 2012” at “The Warehouse” in Plainfield last Friday, needed a snack while visiting with fellow NFL stars, celebrities, and musicians, they grabbed something from one of the five local food trucks invited to serve.

Intelligent Designs Media, organizers of last August’s  Taste of the Trucks in Broad Ripple,  were hired by Los Angeles event coordinators to handle the logistics, organization, and execution of bringing local food trucks indoors for the biggest event of Super Bowl Weekend.

“Bringing the trucks indoors is a unique challenge in itself,” Intelligent Designs Media President Steve Neville said. “Moving the trucks in and out of a warehouse, adhering to Fire Code while still providing a way to push out quality and fast product, and turning the trucks into a safe indoor experience was certainly a large endeavor. In fact, I believe we are one of the first groups in the country to attempt an indoor food truck event of this magnitude. Luckily, everyone involved in this giant project stepped up and made this event a success.”

The five trucks involved: Scratchtruck, Some of this Some of that, Scout’s Treat Truck, Tacos Without Borders, and TheNYslice, all brought a unique and local flavor to the party that kept the guest constantly coming back for more into the early morning hours of Saturday.

“The party was an amazing success,” Neville added, “the whole theme of the party was a cool, big city vibe with artists like J-Cole performing for the players, and the trucks really added to the aesthetics and the culture of the entire event. Plus, everyone loved the food that these amazing trucks provided all night.”

Neville and the rest of Intelligent Designs Media were glad they could bring a unique taste of Indianapolis to some of the highest profile clients of the weekend.

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